In the Beginning...

4 Star Courier was founded in 2005.  Rene already had 10 years experience as a bike courier and Jen had a couple of years of experience under her belt.  The good friends casually talked and did a little research about starting a messenger company over coffee.   Little did they know that Mike was contemplating it as well and was further along.  He was in talks with other people but the talks stalled.  Rene, Jen and Mike's paths soon crossed and after many meetings and gallons of coffee their dream was becoming a reality.  Josh and Jack were soon brought on board and the rest is 4 Star history.   After 10 plus years the people have changed but the professionalism and spirit of 4 Star is still going strong. 



We are available for a wide variety of courier services including but certainly not limited to:


  • point to point package delivery

  • bank deposits

  • realty closing packets

  • large package and cargo delivery

  • process serving

  • subpeona services

  • motion filing

  • courtesy copies

  • and more

Call us today at 773-227-7171 for:

  • a free quote

  • a delivery

  • set up a new account 

  • Non account delivery accepted 

  • corporate needs

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