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Our rates are calculated based on Service Level x Distance + Weight. 



"Need it as fast as possible!"

2 miles / 30 minutes, 5 miles / 45 minutes, 10 miles / 1 hour, 30 miles / 2 hours, 40+ miles / 3+ hours


"Want it fast but it's not top priority... "

2 miles / 1 hour, 5 miles / 1.5 hours, 10 miles / 2 hours, 30 miles / 3 hours, 40+ miles / 4+ hours


"Just need it soon."

2 miles / 2 hours, 5 miles / 2.5 hours, 10 miles / 3 hours, 30 miles / 4 hours, 40+ miles / 5 hours


"Regular service, by end of day"

Delivered by 5 PM. Orders must be received before 1 PM (12 PM for over 10 miles)



Dimensions and weight -

**weights are approximate

       STANDARD / ENVELOPE - Less than a few pounds, will easily fit in a messenger bag. 

       OVERSIZE -  Up to 20 pounds, a bit heavier but can still be transported in a messenger bag. 

       CARGO -  20-199 pounds, a larger load that can still travel in a small car or on a cargo bike.  

       WAGON - 200-400 pounds, or too big for the trunk or back seat of a regular 4 door car.  

       VAN - Over 400 pounds, or too large for our bikes or a mid sized car.

       CARGO VAN - Too large for our bikes or a standard sized vehicle, will need our dedicated cargo van.

       SOMETHING BIGGER? -  Please contact us.

Wait time - Up to 15 minutes is free of charge, but further loading or waiting is $0.50 per minute.

Package insurance - coverage of items valued at over $100 will incur additional charges. Please call us for details. 

The following may also incur an additional charge:

       *Fragile items / special handling required

       *Subpoenas, other sensitive or complex deliveries 

       *Suburban or long distance pick ups

       *Deliveries requiring an additional courier for help loading/unloading 

       *Overtime (before 8 AM - after 5 PM) and weekend deliveries

       *Wrong addresses, reattempts, or additional stops

Click to see our terms and conditions 

All prices above are subject to change without prior notice.

Please do not hesitate to call (773.227.7171) or email us (

if you have any questions or to request a quote.

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